Imagine an unrestricted stream of empowerment overflowing from your life into the lives of others. This is what enReturn is all about, and it doesn’t stop there. The impact you make in the world will be contagious as those you affect will, enReturn, give back and improve their communities. We all have someone less fortunate than ourselves to whom we can give, however, not everyone knows where to start. We can take the mystery out of making a difference. Be inspired to give of your time, talents, and treasures and open up currents of blessing through this dynamic vision. You reap what you sow! It’s time to make the impact you desire.

“During a recent trip, one of our partners, Chris Abeyta, was able to train 80 church plant leaders in Northern India. That ongoing effort will continue to impact that region with the goal of planting 100,000 churches. While there, the Abeyta Team also encouraged over 500 pastors and they continue to support a training center that coaches 20 new church planters each year, who in turn will plant one to three new church each.”

enReturn Works with Communities Worldwide